Naughty But Nice
Easter Special - Digital Download Edition
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In Our Brand New DVD You'll Learn How To:
Build Super Responsive and Joyful Impulse Control
Through our innovative, game-based approach to building impulse control, you will be able to develop a control over their impulses, whetheR that is stopping them in front of prey/livestock, staying on a bed for visitors or even while watching agility, or it may be an awesome recall ahead of exciting things!
Turn Reactive Dog into Bombproof Dog
Achieving this starts right here, right now and with games that you can play in your living room and take on the road! Building positive and calm emotional responses to all kinds of things will create a happy, calm, confident and healthy dog!
Tackle Overarousal, Overexcitement, Frustration and Attention-seeking and Build Your Own Confidence with Working with NBN Dogs!
Combining expertise in companion dogs, sports dogs, behaviour and training, we will guide you through the programme that has brought success to our students time and time again and we have fine tuned over the last year. From tail-chasing, light chasing, reactive dogs to dogs that get distracted in training or lack impulse control around livestock, this programme has transformed time and time again - all with fun games!
These are the words that you'll become so proud of with the NBN programme
This is a fundamental foundation whether your dog has behaviour problems or you want to develop the perfect foundation for companionship or sport!
Naughty But Nice Digital Edition
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